Pilot Plants

Our Pilot plants are commonly used in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food processing, where experimentation and innovation are essential to creating new products and improving existing ones. By testing processes and products in a pilot plant, manufacturers can identify and resolve issues, optimize production, and improve the quality and safety of their products.

Pilot Plant CI001

Process Development Plant for Highly Viscous Applications. CI001 is a pilot plant for process developments in a 50 l scale and is preferably used for highly viscous applications. It comprises a reactor with a coaxial agitator system which allows operation of a central and a close-to-the-wall impeller. A vacuum station can be used for degassing and solvent recovery. These units are installed in an EX-proof area and suitable for operation with flammable liquids. Processes are investigated under well defined fluid dynamic conditions.

Pilot Plant CI002

This pilot plant concerns the continuous reaction; the study of kinetics is carried out versus the variation of conductivity in the reactor. This reactor includes an electric heater and a distillation column with condenser. The automated version mod. CI002 is equipped with PID controller for the automatic control of reaction temperature.Automatic temperature control with PID controller (for mod. CI002, only) • Plant supervision by PLC and SCADA Systems. this unit comes from 50 L to 2000L.

Custom Design Pilot Plants

Custom built pilot plant or skid-mounted modules. Pilot plants for R & D or in preparation for full scale production facilities can save time and money. They can identify and resolve problems, improve efficiency, train operators, and facilitate operation and maintenance.